In the city farming industry, things can get expensive fast. There are multiple inputs needed for farming, and some that are a recurring payment throughout the whole process, such as lighting or water. Not to mention that the physical space in many major cities is often quite expensive by itself. When considering funding, the first thing that comes to mind is that they can just use the money they make from farming, but the problem is the capital. In order for many city farms to get started well, they could need more than six thousand dollars, depending on how large they would like to make the farm. Once they start farming, they will be burdened with even more utility expenses, all while trying to grow their first yield. If all of this capital had to be from loans, many less people would be in the industry right now. Since city farming started gaining traction in 2010, multiple online fundraisers have collected millions of dollars to help start city farms. The companies benefiting from the fundraisers, one of which was started by Elon Musks brother, are hiring aspiring farmers currently living in the city, who want to have their own farm. I think this is a great business model because they are able to make money and keep some of what was fundraised, while still helping the industry more than any other company is doing right now. This company I speak of is called Square Roots and I’ve mentioned them before. They are leading the industry, They are changing the industry.

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