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Growing up, adults were always annoyed by all the questions I was asking. They always told me I was too curious and some things were the way they were “Just Because”. I hated that answer because I was constantly trying to figure out exactly how everything around me worked. I now realize that some of the questions I asked were deeply philosophical, and that’s why I got the answers I got, but nonetheless, My grandfather never left any of my questions unanswered. As the first to go to college in his family, his actions set the precedent for my mother and her siblings. He went to college to become a mechanical engineer, and put his skills to work in subsequent years owning & operating an HVAC systems company. Most of the questions I had growing up were surrounding how physical objects work, and his skillset answered all my questions perfectly. As I’ve grown older, my curiosity has given me distinguished logistic skills. It’s important to be able to recognize a problem when there is one, and then be able to take a step back to figure out what the best approach to a solution is. Prior to this year, I had my mind set on stage management for Theatre. Part of this stemmed from how comfortable I had become in this role in high school, and something told me that this was the best position for me given my interests and skills. My only problem with this was my lack of passion for the theatre work itself. I have worked on many shows, as part of the production team, and I enjoy all of the work that I do backstage to make the show successful, I just don’t always enjoy the performances, and I feel that is an important part of being a Stage Manager.

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